Green Building & Renewable Energy

How we do it

Solar Pannel
How can we do it?

When designing new building or performing major remodeling projects we apply the following criteria:

We make sure the building orientation has been optimized regarding the sun for appropriate irradiance. Therefore, when possible minimize the placement of windows in the east -west orientation.

Incorporate passive solar techniques to minimize the use of HVAC systems.

Design with prevalent winds in mind to set crosswind ventilation patterns.

Use of properly sized window overhangs for southern exposures to help regulate solar irradiation and heating.

Avoid the use of light fixtures by providing proper natural illumination for all spaces.

Use of engineered roof trusses that use less lumber and are sound.

Use of native species of trees and shrubs, especially in the east-west orientation, to minimize exposure to sun.

Your step by step guide to solar power

CGI Green makes setting your home up with grid feed solar power easy.

We manage the entire process and will work with you to ensure that you secure the right system for your needs.

We conduct an assessment of your property and provide a financial assessment outlining the expected performance and income generating potential of the system

You book an installation date and sign a Works Contract

We obtain all necessary approvals & install your system so it is ready for the meter change

System is energized and your house starts exporting clean energy to the grid


Your guide to off-grid solar power
CGI Green design remote area, stand alone or autonomous power systems to provide the power needs for households or businesses in regions where connection to the electricity grid may be cost prohibitive.

With a power system from CGI Green you can be sure you have the highest quality components offering the best performance and life for your investment.

Our standard systems incorporate inverter chargers in lieu of an inverter only. This is a more elegant and hassle-free method of incorporating a battery charger into the system and can often be more cost effective than purchasing the inverter and charger separately. A battery charger allows the system to be topped up from a back-up generator if required. Our inverter chargers can automatically start and shutdown compatible electric start generators as the system requires.

Contact us with your requirements for a system quotation

Book an installation date and sign a Works Contract

We install your system and thoroughly test all components

The system is energized and your premises now has off-grid power


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