Green Building & Renewable Energy

What we do

Grid-feed solar power for your home
When you install solar power, solar water heating and other renewable energy technologies you are helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This entitles you to create environmental credits called negawatt power that we have defined previously. The energy saved is a direct result of energy conservation and/or increased energy efficiency. Every...  More >
Grid or off grid?
Solar hybrid? Batteries or no batteries? On Grid- you have mains power or are within 1000 feet of mains power, this situation lends itself to grid tie (Grid Interactive) solar, using the main grid power and supplementing with solar during the day. Most urban homes have a Low chance of power outages and so batteries are not...  More >
Where to Start in Green Building
In order to understand the Green Building concept, we have to let customers know the key concepts to be knowledge as following: Negawatt ¬†Power Iis a theoretical unit of power that representing ¬†the amount of energy (measured in watts) saved. The energy saved is a direct result of energy conservation and /or increase...  More >
What can we do for you? If you are building from scratch or undertaking a major remodeling project, then we can provide full green building designs, including site evaluation, financial assessment, architectural & engineering blueprints, and project management. If you want to improve your...  More >
About us
CGI Green rests their performance on base of two pillars that support our work in favor of the community as follow: CGI Green Solutions wants to open a window of opportunities for our customers to transform their current homes in green oriented environments where there will be a balance between their houses and sustainable habitat. Vision: Our...  More >